Cinnamon Powder

Indonesia is known as the largest cinnamon producer in the world with a market capitalization of 94.1%. Several journals mention that Indonesia has become the largest exporter since 1991. Cassiavera or cinnamomum burmannii is one of the variants found in West Sumatra, one of the provinces in Indonesia. This cinnamon is exported in the form of small sticks and currently CV Raja Tani Nusantara provides quality cinnamon powder for export to worldwide



Produk Name                     : Cinnamon Powder

HS Code                            : 090620

Code                                 : CNP

Produk Category               : Spices and Herbs

Origin                                : Indonesia

Shape                               : Powder

Raw Material                    : Natural

Shelf Life                          : 1 – 2 Years

Color                                : Natural brown yellow

Use / Grade                     : Food / Grade A

Capacity                          : 50 MT

MOQ                               : 50 Kg


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